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In the 25 years that I have helped numerous customers achieve their financial goals, I have realized that financial goals are always a means to a bigger purpose.

A foreign university degree for your child, buying that dream home, having the ideal retirement life, and the list goes on. One works their entire life to save for these major life events and that’s why the plan for them must be absolutely bullet-proof.

At AAA Profit Analytics, we have experts handling every aspect of your investment plan. Getting you the best of every investment option is our prime objective and we have a pretty good track record of over-delivering on our promises.

The Beginning

A Fascination to Excellence

Fascinated by the world of the stock market at a younger age, Sajeesh Krishnan, our CEO chose to do CA so that he can learn scientifically business accounting, business analysis and its possibilities in the capital market. From the early stage of his career, he was determined about his goal to be a financial specialist and has fulfilled his dream by ranking as one of the best stock market analysts in our country.

He was also an integral part of many prestigious institutions in the past which includes the lead of the research team in Geojit BNP PARIBAS Financial Services. By attending the training programs of Bloomberg and Reuters he expanded himself as an inevitable entity in the stock business and added more and more golden feathers to his career. With his exceptional skills and abilities, he has then become a very popular and trusted name among the clients then.

I am grateful to my gurus & mentors
the present

The Journey Continues

Being the brain and backbone of AAA PROFIT ANALYTICS, Sajeesh Krishnan has been providing his investment advisory services to the Indian capital market with his excellent knowledge and utmost professionalism. Also, a commendable fact is that he is the first CA to become a SEBI registered research analyst in India.

Backed by fundamental and technical analysis Mr Sajeesh Krishnan has got his vision and ideas within the stock market and has been able to furnish goal-oriented ideas for our clients based on their investment requirements. Even during the adverse conditions created by the COVID-19 in 2020, his recommendations outperformed the market.

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Happy Customers
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Industry Experience

AAA PROFIT ANALYTICS under his mentorship has delivered outstanding services to our clients in the industry. The personalized style of approach that we maintain in the client relationship has helped us create goodwill and trust with our customers. Every call we take is under the proper supervision of our founder and with his leads and advice, which benefits each and every client. Being a stock investment advisory firm, we have always provided safe and feasible recommendations to our clients after deeply analyzing the market scenario.

From all these years we have been able to service more than 5000+ clients and counting. With the proficiency of services that we provide, we have always been able to retain our clients and keep them happy with their investments. We believe that patience is the key to success in the stock market along with professional expertise. Being a specialist who has always been directly accessible to his clients, he has never failed in providing them with the best assistance whenever it matters the most.


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